Blade(s) Sharpening/Replacement

General blade sharpening to replacement, we can handle it. We carry a generous stock of parts with us and if we don't have what your mower needs, we will order it, and return to install them at a later date!

Oil Changes (with disposal)

We not only have the ability to change the oil in your small engine, we will gladly haul it off with us and dispose of it appropriately.

Cleaning/Replacing Air Filters

From dusty filters to falling apart, we can either clean out the old one or offer to replace it.

Ignition System Components

Coils, wires, plugs, & battery... anything related to the starting and running of your small engine we will inspect, repair, or recommend replacements.

Chassis & Deck

Lubricating, tightening, and inspection of all moving components of your mower. Recommendations on replacements as needed. Deck adjustments and overall health of the deck will be reported to the customer.

Tires & Wheels

Our service doesn't stop at just lubricating the chassis and wheels, we can replace tires and tubes as well. Just ask us in advance so we can order the appropriate parts. (**deposit will be required**)



Engine Components

We can perform most engine work on-site. From carburetors, pull cords, alternators, and much much more, we can tackle most any engine components giving you fits!

Electrical System

Electrical gremlins sometimes get the best of our favorite outdoor equipment. Let us take a look at it, we can diagnose and replace those tricky electrical system components that can give you so much grief!

Fuel System/Supply

Years of wear and tear can do a number on your fuel system. From the ethanol in today's fuels to the heat from the engine, sooner or later your outdoor equipment will fall victim. Don't let that worry you though, because we can come get you back on "lawn" again in no time!

Valve Jobs

Yes, you read that right. With a full shop on wheels we even have the expertise and tools to perform a basic valve job on your small engine! Don't throw it out, gives a call!

Still Have Questions?

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